Hello My Name is De jaun known as Og Sin Loc Blackburn From Compton California I Was A Artist on the 1993 Original Music History made record album  Bangin On Wax The Mystery In The mask Man The album entered the Billboard 200 at #24 the first week Released also topping Video Juke Box with 3 of the most Requested Music videos in Box History Steady Dippin #1 Piru Love #1 & Bangin On Wax #5 I'm Currently Selling my 90s Classics releases on iTunes Amazon Xbox live Followed By a Arsenal of New Material to be Released

After getting took for millions of dollars As a Artist on The Bangin On Wax record i walked away to father my son & daughter which Led Me To Work With The SCHOOL District for 17years As A Youth Mentor now that my kids are out of school I am able to pursue my career back in Music & entertainment Alone With My Kids Who Are Musicians As Well a lot people highlight my career when i pulled off the mask in The Steady Dippin Music Video I have Classic  90's music currently available on iTunes & more as i stay in the lab these days Writing & Recording songs My new music will be keeping it 100 for the culture of West Coast Reality Rap / Hip HOP & still Have that 90s original kick to it for you to enjoy No Doubt

To Be Notified on upper coming releases events booking etc be sure to sign up to my mailing list & also check out my current releases available on iTunes & more be sure to hit my YouTube link up Og Sin loc Blackburn to catch you up to date on my music history from back in the day to current stay blessed & welcome To Og Sin Loc Blackburn's OFFICIAL WEBSITE thank you all for your support have a safe & great day & night which ever your having at the moment Peace luv & human Unity